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Petar Vasović

17 April 2020

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Restaurants nearby

There are a lot of restaurants in Budva. We will only recommend the ones we like to go. Whether you want breathtaking sunset, sound of nearby sea, original taste, budget friendly or not, Budva has something for everyone.

We will talk about all great places in separate article, but now here are few nearest ones.

Restaurant Porto

The restaurant “Porto” is a seafood restaurant with beautiful views of the sea and the harbour, located few minutes walk from your apartment.

The fish specialities and carefully selected ingredients, prepared by the local chefs, can be enjoyed on the summer terrace under the trellis by the pool with sea fish and crustaceans as well as indoors, where the atmosphere is made complete with two fireplaces.

The fresh clams, crabs and fish are caught daily by local fishermen and are prepared according to original local recipes. For gourmets with exquisite taste, besides the well-known grilled specialities, we also offer seafood specialities roasted in a Dutch oven, such as octopus, grouper and prawns, accompanied with fresh homemade bread baked in a wood-fired oven.

The fish menu is supplemented with traditional Montenegrin and Mediterranean dishes (speciality meat dishes, pastas and salads) as well as vegetarian offerings. In ‘Porto’ we believe in the old saying that a fish swims three times: the first time in the sea, the second time in oil, and the third time in wine. So, we offer an impressive range of more than 120 different wines, including some of the highest quality from Montenegro and neighbouring countries, as well as wines from around the world to satisfy and meet the expectations of the best wine connoisseurs.

Express restaurant Mogren

Located behind cafe Mogren, by the inside fountain Express restaurant in hotel Mogren provides local cuisine for budget friendly amount.

Restaurant Citadel

Medieval castle town of Budva, today known as the CITADEL, one of the most important cultural and historical monuments on the Montenegrin cost, within which there are walls of the church of St. Mary, gates, several terraces and buildings of the former barracks.
Here you can find hidden and subtle gastronomic secrets. Great vines, and good cocktails.
Magnificent views of the island of St. Nicholas, and the high seas.