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Petar Vasović

09 February 2020

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12 Best beaches around Budva

We already wrote about nearest beaches to your apartment. But, close to our apartments you can grab City bus line to every beach to our list.

The rugged coastline of the Budva Riviera is around 38 km long, and it boasts many sandy beaches, coves, inlets, stone capes and small islands. Over 12,000 metres of the coastline is covered with sandy beaches, with an average width of around 25 metres, while the total area of all the beaches is approximately 280,000 square metres.

There are more than 30 large beaches along the Riviera, starting from Jaz on the north to Buljarica on the south of the Municipality of Budva. Most of the beaches are divided into several parts (public or hotel beaches), offering the rental of beach equipment (parasols, deckchairs) and sports equipment (boats, paddleboats), carefully regulated in terms ofthe use of space and beach conduct, with an organized lifeguard service, along with many establishments offering food and drinks, and a number of small shopping outlets.

the Mogren Beach

We had to start with beach just around corner. It is comprised of two smaller sandy beaches connected by a tunnel. There is the Spas hill in the hinterland, with lush Mediterranean vegetation, whose scent gently descends onto the beach with its crystal clear water. It is located 300 metres from the Old Town, and can be reached by a concrete pedestrian pathway. It was named after the Spanish mariner,Mogrini, who was, according to oral tradition, washed ashore there after a shipwreck. To express his gratitude, he built a church dedicated to St Anton on theMogren beach. It faces south and is protected from the northern, eastern and western winds, bathed in sunlight from the early morning hours, while the sunset comes earlier. It is one of the most attractive and most exclusive beaches of the Adriatic coast. The beach is 350 metres long and covers an area of 4,500 square metres.

The island of Sveti Nikola

The largest island of the southern part of the Adriatic, which is known as Skolj among the locals, is less than a kilometre away from Budva and has three sandy beaches. Tourists from Budva and the surrounding beaches come to the island by boat from port. The small beaches on the south side of the island, situated under the cliffs, can only be reached by small boats. The island is covered in Mediterranean vegetation, has many secluded coves, which generally makes it attractive for excursions, young, and not so young, couples and adventurers. The beautiful sunsets here create the feel of distant exotic places. There can be founddeer, badgers, rabbits and several species of birds on the island, which is also a hunting reserve. The beaches are 840 metres long in total, and they cover an area of 2,700 square metres.


The Pizana beach is located alongside the Old Town, under the town tower of Repeno. It is pebbly and 50 metres long and what makes it attractive is the atmosphere created by the Old Town walls and the view of the island of Sveti Nikola. Right next to it, there are the town’s outdoor swimming pool, the Budva marina and a restaurant.


It is located in front of the typical coastal hamlet sharing the same name, which used to be a fishing village. It is sandy and partially rocky. The beach faces the west, and is illuminated by the sun until sunset, which is the reason why many swimmers come to this beach. There are olive groves in the background, while tourist accommodations with high-category rooms and suites for rent areright along the beach. There are also many restaurants and the hotel “Maestral” is located here. The beach is 260 metres long and covers an area of 4,300 square metres.

The Milocer beach (Kraljeva plaza – King’s Beach)

Around the “Milocer” Hotel, built 80 years ago as a summer resort of the Yugoslav dynasty, and communist leader Tito, for decades a garden of exotic trees and flowers has emerged, a green-flowered oasis in the heart of the exclusive Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen’s)-Miločer tourist zone. Lebanon’s cedar, eucalyptus, tropical mimosa, Japanese medlar, cactus, agave, pithospora… with local Mediterranean plants and flowers, have been a must-see for tourists and tourists from all over the world for decades.

The park is located in the hinterland of the most beautiful Montenegrin beaches: Milocer (King’s beach) and Kraljicina beach (Queen’s beach).

The Kamenovo beach

The Kamenovo beach is located between Becici and Przno, and is one of the smallest sandy beaches in the Budva Riviera. There are Mediterranean vegetation, olive trees and diverse greenery, which give the clear water of this cove a turquoise colour. Next to the beach, there are several cafes and restaurants, and it is a venue of many daytime parties during the summer. The beach is located next to the main road from Budva to Bar. A promenade along the sea connects it with Becici and further on with Budva. The beach is 330 metres long, and covers an area of 10,500 square metres.

Drobni pijesak

It is located in a secluded cove, a little farther away from the road leading from Sveti Stefan to Petrovac, which makes it more accessible from the sea. The yellow and white colour of its sand, in combination with small pebbles, makes it look like tropical beach, while its hinterland with olive groves and Mediterranean vegetation adds the epithet “wild”. There is a source of fresh water on the beach, and Drobnipijesak is a favourite picnic spot for both tourists and locals. In the past, the Bankada – a court of the Pastrovici tribal leaders used to convene at Drobnipijesak. The beach is 250 metres long and covers an area of 5,000 square metres.

Sveti Stefan

Next to the access to the Sveti Stefan hotel-town, built across a sandbank, there are two beaches on the left and right side – the Eastern and the Western beach. The beaches are sandy, of predominantly rosy and reddish colour, while the seawater is transparent and turquoise blue. The exclusivity of Sveti Stefan and the fact that celebrities come here on vacation have raised the exclusivity of the Sveti Stefan beaches to a higher level, where one can meet the members of both the regional and international jet set. The total length of the beaches is 1,170 metres, and they cover an area of 14,600 square metres.

The Jaz Beach

The Jaz beach is around 2.5 km long and stretches out from Budva in the direction of Kotor and Tivat. It has two parts, one around 800 metres and the other around 400 metres long, which is also used as a nudist beach. The beach covers an area of 22,500 square metres. It is a pebbly beach, whose underwater part is sandy. In its background, there are a campsite and a parking lot, covered with vegetation, as well as several restaurants and cafés. The beach is divided into several sections, available for rent.

Perazića do

A small beach located in a cove, below the Monastery of Rezevici, can be reached from the Budva-Petrovac main road. The beach, covered with sand and pebbles, is 40 metres long and covers an area of 540 square metres.

Ricardova glava (Brijeg od Budve)

The Brijeg od Budve beach, located outside of the hotel Avala and stretching to the Old Town walls, was named after actor Richard Widmark, who filmed the movie “The Long Ships” here, some 50 years ago. In the summer months, it is a quiet oasis in the mornings and evenings, while it is known as a favourite beach for the young people in the afternoon, featuring daytime parties in the many cafes and bars on the beach. The beach is pebbly and around 100 metres long.

Ploce Beach

Ploče Beach is located 6 km from the center of Budva in Tivat direction. It is close to Jaz and Trsteno beaches. Ploče has an obvious advantage over the rest of Montenegrin beaches – it is very original.

The territory looks like multileveled sites with the space for sun loungers and stairs to get to the sea. Here all the bases are covered: four swimming pools with sea water for adults and children, the water is changed every day, free parking and WC, showers, cafes, restaurants. Service throughout the territory, rent of sun loungers and umbrellas, sea rescue service and medical station, massage on the beach, small market area, where you can by everything you need.

“Wet” discos and foam parties are often held on the beach. Thanks to various zones, this beach is good for youth as well as for families with children. There is a wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including cocktails. It will be an excellent complement for a perfect time or a nice party.

Beach “Ploce” is situated on coast of the Adriatic Sea in Vicmity of Budva. Beach area is 10.000 m2. In the offer of beach ‘Ploce” there isnational restaurant with beautiful sea view and covered terrace, a coffee bar where you can enjoy a wide range of soft drinks, as well as various types of pizza and fast food. For those who love a good parties there isalso a cocktail bar where there are also daily performances ofvarious DJs. Beach also has four swimming pools for children and adults, and free parking isprovided for guests on the beach: In the offer is also various forms of recreation in thewater and on the shore, the possibllity of renting boat, jet skiing, and scuba diving. For the youngest is provided playroom with professnonal staff, as well as swimming lessons or non-swimmers.

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